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Awake🎄Chic Tones 🌟 晨光乍現🎅優雅響起 🎶 起床🎺 シックな音色 ✨

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

At Airtoned, we believe that music enhances life quality and brings harmony to the soul. Our specially crafted piano ringtones aim to transform everyday moments into a therapeutic musical experience. Instead of a jarring standard ringtone, imagine your phone ringing with a crisp, melodious piano tune - that's the essence of Airtoned.

Imagine, as these pleasing piano notes softly dance by your ear, you don't need to crank up the volume. In fact, just setting it to 15% is enough to envelop you in rich sound quality and intricate layers. Such ringtones add a special ambiance to your surroundings without being disruptive.

Here, I want to introduce you to Airtoned's custom piano ringtones, designed not just to harmonize your day but to enrich your musical experience. On our website, you can sample and download these wonderful tunes anytime.

The first ringtone, "Have a Great Day," is my morning alarm. Its melody is brimming with positivity, infusing every new day with vigor and enthusiasm.

Listen now:

The second, "Clock," serves as my phone ringtone. Its uniqueness lies in making you anticipate the ring, akin to the arrival of a mysterious spaceship, filled with intrigue and novelty.

Listen now:

「And "Sweet Air," the gentlest call, is what I use as a timer while cooking. Its soft, non-intrusive melody perfectly blends into the ambiance, making your culinary moments more delightful.

Listen now:

At Airtoned, it's not just about the beauty of music, but how it integrates seamlessly into your life. Our piano ringtones act like invisible musicians in your daily life, always ready to bring joy and relaxation.

Moreover, we invite you to join our upcoming "Transcendent Harmony: Live Piano Improvisation Performance." This online piano concert is not just a performance but a journey for the soul. Through improvisation, I will lead you into a world of musical wonder, where you'll experience the diversity and depth of music.

Are you ready to join us on this musical journey at It will be a splendid experience where your spirit dances with the notes, sharing a special music journey together.

Thank you for watching

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